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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tips for Hair fall Solution

We have some tips to stop hair fall of Men and Women. 

  • The tips are ready for those people who are facing the problem of hair fall, Now mix 1 (one) spoon of olive oil, one spoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon, apply this mixture to your hair leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it. After few days hair fall will stop and your hair becomes shiny and strong. 
  • Lemon is a very essential for hair. Apply lemon juice to your hair. After 15 minutes wash your hair with shampoo or soap. When it gets dry apply nigella oil, Inshallah hair fall will stop. 
  • Another beneficial items are Mix coconut oil or Mustard oil with lemon juice and apply to your hair at night and wash your hair in morning, hair fall will stop. Lemon juice is also beneficial & useful  for hand and nail, your nail will be clean and shiny. You can also Massage with olive oil before going to bed.


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