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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Role of Parents

We must antiquate this prevailing thought among our individuals that if a child becomes rakish, foul mouthed, insincere and churlish; our society mates straightly blames the gathering so called a crew of friends of that victim. Without being biased, I have to add something very bitter that is of course a fact that the victim is firstly victimized by its parents at first. How..? 

As we all are aware since childhood that one needs its parents, especially mother for the accomplishment of every necessity of life, then how can we blame any other except her? Just think why does an individual go through a wrong path? Does not anyone stop him before he become addicted? Why do not any one abate his absurd activities in the beginning? Why does not anyone stop before he become so dauntless that he might go through any step of the life? I consider we totally do wrong with that one because he at first wants his parents to be there at every stage of life and when parents vacate their place, then it is mostly occupied by some highly immature grown up ones, as our individual has not groomed mentally. 

We must convivially accept this reality that we sometimes emancipate from all our given responsibility and leave our children on a charwoman to bring him up so as a result of this your child will ultimately turn to her rather than you. He will find easy to interact with her and probably he acquires her thinking and become a shadow of her thinking and you will name it as your catastrophe 

Another obnoxious thing is the parents frequently complain of irresponsible attitude of their children that they do not worth the value of money and add that they frequently asks for money and some absurd things. It’s just because of you, because you always fulfill the demands of your child at maiden and never compel him to praise as a reward. In the same way you never let him realize that how difficultly his father or guardian earns that is why he do not worth it. Sometimes it is also heard that parents claim that they often give some space for their children which they perceive wrong. Yeah, right, but why? Have you ever thought about it? I think we all must endorse with this reason that you brought up your child in an extravagant way and assure him a lavish life from the initial, then how it could be possible that he do not perceive it in a wrong way that is only in your accordance.

Being parents some time they commit mistakes and suppose their child not to intimate them likewise if a father all the time smokes in front of his family and cudgel his son for the same is inappropriate, on the contrary a mother asks her children not to watch that idiot box (television) but she does so, in both the above cases we cannot totally blame the parents but it is a real and established fact that children intimate their parents the first and most. Although we cannot say that parents must be confined, but they also need to sacrifice a bit in order for their rising generation to be on the right path

Now I am going to expose the integral reason of the flaw in the personality of the juvenile and this is the exploitation of its self-respect. Yes; indeed being a part of this society the one cares a lot about it and being castigated, rebuke and scold in front of a humungous gathering, damages it's feeling and as a consequence of it he find easy to escape rather than to face the music. Another serious issue that I am going to enlighten is the discrimination factor that unintentionally our parents set up, everyone has not got the same capability so we do not ask him for worthy credentials and we must not put the weak one into pressure of recognizable scheme of studies. On the same hand, one cannot deny that the parents ask this for the better future and sustainability.

The compendium of above written paragraphs throws light on adequate behavior and sincere, but frank relations of parents with their offspring and the utmost one is the character building, be attentive and try not to emancipate with your given responsibilities. Give your child the time he needs or else he will turn around what you do not want from him. Before it’s too late, get up from your deep slumber and take control over these unwanted situations because the one will accuse you in future for bringing diffidence in his personality.


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